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Private Property Virtual Library


Information For Utilities From Utilities
The Private Property Virtual Library (PPVL) is a growing library of case studies from private property-related programs at wastewater utilities. It is intended to be a resource for other utilities seeking information or advice about private property programs. To help contribute information to this library, download the questionnaire and return it to Laurie Chase, PPVL Project Chair, at laurie.chase@stantec.com.

What Data Does the PPVL Contain?
The library includes information gathered from “successful” private property programs targeting:

  • Sanitary lateral repair or replacement
  • Inflow and infiltration (I/I) source detection and elimination
  • Lateral condition assessment
  • Privately owned pump station operation and maintenance
  • Sewer easements
    Detailed Information Gathered Includes:
    • Utility completed questionnaires
    • Public education materials
    • Outreach letters to residents
    • Ordinances and codes
    • Operating and maintenance procedures
    • Design details and specifications

The Private Property Virtual Library (PPVL) provides additional information that may be useful or interesting and is being provided consistent with the intended purpose of the WEF Website. However, WEF cannot attest to the accuracy of information provided by the PPVL. WEF does not endorse the information, products, or views presented in the PPVL or its associated discussion forum.