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WEF Committee Leadership Council (CLC) – CoP Director Nomination Application

Applicant Information
Last Name   First Name   M.I.
Street Address   Apt. #
City   State   ZIP  
Phone   E-mail Address  
WEF Membership Number   Affiliation  


Role Description
The CLC COP Director Responsibilities:
  • Serve on the CLC Steering Committee
  • Directors have oversight of 3 to 7 committees and/or task forces – see org chart at CLC Org Chart.
  • Directors will assist committee leadership as needed including promoting ideas and offer suggestions that enhance the committees and task forces
  • Serve as a communication link between committees and task forces
  • Provide mentorship to committees and task forces
  • Directors coordinate activities with
    • leaders and staff liaisons
    • CLC Steering
  • CoP Directors will provide input to CLC Steering regarding committee activities
  • Train future leaders
  • Attend the WEFTEC and Midyear annual CLC meetings
  • Participate in monthly CLC Steering calls
  • Serve a two (2) year term

1. Have you ever served in an association leadership position such as a committee chair, MA Officer, etc?
If yes, please list your past volunteer leadership positions

2. The CLC meets twice a year and the CLC Steering Committee has monthly conference calls; can you commit to the following:

  • Attend the CLC meeting at WEF’s Midyear meeting (Jan/Feb)  
  • Attend the CLC meeting at WEFTEC (Sept/Oct)  
  • Participate in monthly calls  

3. Considering WEF’s strategic plan, describe how you would ensure the critical objectives are being addressed through WEF Committees. WEF's Strategic Plan

4. Describe how you would address these critical competencies in your role as CoP Director? Attach PDF file only - maximum 2 pages
  • Leadership expertise
  • Visionary and strategic thinking and planning
  • Passion to advance the WEF vision, mission and strategic direction
  • Knowledge of and understanding of the WEF organization
  • Compelling communicator and mentoring volunteers
  • Effective consensus building

5. List any other qualities or qualifications that you have for this position.


Resume of Education and Experience
Attach a one to two page resume describing your education and Professional work and volunteer experience relevant to the CoP Director position.
  Please attach PDF document only
Please attach a photo of the nominee (jpg or png files only)


Please include three references attesting to your fitness for this role. Please do not include CLC Steering Members.
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Name: Phone: Email: 
Name: Phone: Email: 


I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.  
Submit nominations by July 31, 2021