Watershed Protection Program  

The mission of the Watershed Protection Program is to protect the beneficial uses of receiving waters 
while complying with all flood control and pollution abatement mandates. The program employs a 
multi-pronged approach to ensure the City of Los Angeles is in compliance with regulations and reduce 
the amount of pollution flowing into and through regional waterways and the Pacific Ocean. The 
program manages 1,500 miles of storm drains, 100 miles of open channels, and over 38,000 catch 
basins. The average runoff flow is about 100 mgd during dry days, but can increase two orders of 
magnitude during days with rain.      

Low Impact Development: Los Angeles was one of the first cities in the region to adopt a municipal 
ordinance in 2012 to ensure implementation of stormwater mitigation measures on private 
development. Any project that adds creates or replaces more than 500 square feet of impervious area 
must manage the volume generated from the 85th percentile design storm.  Since the adoption of the 
LID Ordinance in 2012, service at the public counter has increased five and half times and the number of 
customers served has increased from approximately 300 to 1,600 customers per month. The number of 
projects approved per month has increased from approximately 50 to 290.  

Enhanced Watershed Management Plans (EWMPs): In 2015, the City finalized the development of the 
EWMPs for its four major watersheds in coordination with 30 partner cities, environmental 
organizations and other stakeholders in the watersheds. Each EWMP is a compliance document with 
strategies to meet water quality mandates and identifies multi-benefit stormwater capture projects that 
will improve water quality, promote water conservation, enhance recreational opportunities, manage 
flood risk, improve local aesthetics, and support public education opportunities.  

Under the guidance of Executive Management, LASAN has been a long practitioner (since 2004) to the 
Ten Attributes of Effectively Managed Utilities and Keys to Management Success. LASAN has developed 
a culture that is mission driven and outcome oriented.  While Executive Management guides the general 
direction of LASAN, divisions and their employees are empowered to develop and implement their own 
goals and initiatives.  Employee empowerment is further promoted by teamwork at the divisional level 
and by training and education opportunities for the workforce.  Although we provide most of our 
services as a single source supplier, we create a market culture by benchmarking our achievements 
against other municipalities and continuously looking for ways to become more efficient and effective.    

Our mission, vision, motto and values posted at all Bureau facilities are as follows:  

Mission:  To protect public health and the environment  

Vision:  An organization that sets the benchmark for outstanding service and responds to the challenges 
of tomorrow.  

Motto:  Quality People + Dedication = Outstanding Services  

Values:  Trust and Integrity, Leadership, Quality Teamwork, Customer Satisfaction and Constant and 
Never-ending Improvements.