Board/executive management reuse strategy established 


Communications and outreach plan developed and implemented  


Ongoing market assessment of reused water to public/private and public/public entities 


Investments in reuse infrastructure   


Building code changes to enable reuse (e.g., reuse water code)  

Since 2006, the City’s Terminal Island Advanced Water Purification Facility has supplied the Dominguez 
Gap Barrier with high quality recycled water for barrier protection, which prevents seawater intrusion 
into the West Coast Groundwater Basin.  

LASAN, in partnership with LADWP, have launched the environmental impact review process for the Los 
Angeles Groundwater Replenishment (GWR) Project. The project proposes to use up to 30,000 acre-feet 
(more than 9.7 billion gallons) per year of purified recycled water from the Donald C. Tillman Water 
Reclamation Plant (DCTWRP) to replenish the San Fernando Groundwater Basin.  

LASAN has implemented Low Flow Diversions at all major stormdrain outfalls that discharge from the 
City into Santa Monica Bay. These Low Flow Diversions have not only improved the water quality of the 
City’s dry weather runoff, but it has also helped increase the amount of produced recycled water.   

LASAN is in the process of evaluating the impacts of proposed On-site Treatment Facilities (OSTF) and 
specific requirements. The OSTF policy may consider an operation and maintenance plan, an education 
and outreach plan, and a new cost assessment evaluation (constituents discharged to sewers may be 
limited or additional fees may be assessed {i.e. a quality surcharge fee and/or capacity related charge.}).  

The City’s Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Plant provides treated wastewater effluent to the West 
Basin Municipal Water District. West Basin has served about 31,861 afy or 28 mgd of recycled water to 
over 200 customer sites within the service area for landscape irrigation, industrial applications, and 
seawater intrusion barrier applications.  

Performance Measures & Results  



Recycled Water -  Recycled nearly 100 MGD of water, used for irrigation, industrial purposes, 
groundwater protection, recreation enhancement, and wildlife habitat restoration Engineering  



Specifications Modification-  In the process of modifying the City’s engineering specifications to 
encourage the use of recycled water in concrete production.   



Expansion of Recycled - Water use in the Los Angeles (LA) Zoo Discussions with the LA Zoo to 
determine the feasibility of using recycled water for irrigation, wash-down of exhibits, and pool 
filling at certain qualifying exhibits.  



Expansion of Recycled Water use in the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) - Discussions 
with LAX to determine the feasibility of expanding the use of recycled water at LAX for irrigation, 
cooling towers, and rail washing and rental car washing.