and market them.  As a whole, this will help us select, year after year, the right products to the benefit 
of Aarhus Vand and thereby our customers.  

We have set specific objectives for 2016 in each area: We must increase gross revenue by DKK 30 million 
through new initiatives, we must increase productivity by 2 percent and we must market 5 new 
products or services. However, these focus areas point towards 2020 where the objectives are to 
increase productivity by 20 percent, to  

increase growth by 20 per cent, and to measure the effect on our productivity and growth. By increasing 
productivity by 20 percent towards 2020, we are creating the latitude for growth and ingenuity which 
will help increase productivity. By also increasing growth by 20 percent towards 2020, we are, among 
other things, increasing revenue by DKK 120 million and creating the basis for up to 50 new jobs. 
Ingenuity is measured on the effect of productivity and growth.  




Proactive leadership that engages in both internal organizational and broader external 
community priorities  


Establishes a participatory, collaborative organization dedicated to continual learning, 
improvement, and innovation   


Workforce and leadership development program in place to assure recruitment, retention, and 
competency of utility staff relative to a Utility of the Future business model. Development 
program includes a leadership and management skills training program that provides both 
formal and informal leadership opportunities for employees  


Employee “in-reach” program established to share work experiences and ensure greater 
understanding of the utility’s key strategy relative to the Utility of the Future business model 


Innovation initiatives adopted that encourage risk-taking, and that are adequately funded and 

A bonus structure built around the three strategies – growth, productivity and ingenuity – has been 
implemented, giving all employees an opportunity to qualify for an annual bonus.   

To involve all employees in the growth strategy, they are encouraged to participate at Idea Competitions 
to present new concepts for innovation leading to new products and optimization of operation.  

Aarhus Vand is DS/OHSAS 18001 certified for health and safety in the working environment. 
Consequently, audits are done several times during the year by an external company that reviews 
procedures and practical security measurements.  

Beyond the health and safety certification, Aarhus Vand is also certified within the environment, energy, 
and drinking water safety (HAZZAP) plus CSR; meaning a constant focus on improving the culture at 
work, expecting all employees to do their best and strive to do better every day.  

By drawing on knowledge not only from Denmark, but also the US through our internationalization 
strategy, we gain knowledge from other utilities and create an opportunity for employees stationed 
abroad to broaden their competencies within water and waste water.