PUD’s 2015 Employee Opinion Survey revealed that 92% of respondents agreed with the following 
statement, “I provide exceptional customer service to the public”. This indicated that employees are 
highly engaged in their work as a results of the new engagement efforts and the new branding efforts.  
The Department showed significant improvement in all twelve themes measured by the survey 
(Communication, Customer Service, Diversity and Inclusion, Divisional Cooperation, Employee 
Engagement, Integrity, Manageable Workload, Performance Management, Recognition, Safety, 
Teamwork, and Training).  

Leadership Development  

The Brand initiative spawned a supplemental training program designed to improve our organization’s 
culture: The Growth and Innovation Learning Labs (GILLs), was offered to all senior level staff in the 
department. Through this leadership development program, employees learn to become proactive 
leaders through participatory and collaborative group exercises.   

The GILLs content includes:   

1. Creating a culture of Inclusion. A workplace in which belonging, respect and value enhances 
performance, morale and productivity.  

2. Personal Branding through Credibility and Self-Awareness. Understanding that our personal brand 
follows us everywhere we go. Employees learn that in order to build our brand, we must build 
credibility, and this takes self-awareness.   

3. Empowerment. Develop a shared definition of empowerment, and awareness of the benefits and 
importance for empowering our workforce to live-the-brand commitments. Leaders learn the barriers to 
empowerment, and practice results oriented empowering actions for leaders at all levels.    

4. Habits. Supporting a culture of positive habits that result in employees feeling pride. Leaders learn 
how and why habits form, and how to change routines into more positive habits to feel reward of pride 
and accomplishment.   

5. Creating a Positive Atmosphere. Physical and emotional implications at work. Leaders learn how to 
transform the workplace into a positive, supportive environment by exploring the effect of atmosphere 
the individual- both physical elements and emotional state- and how contagious this energy can be. 
They leave with a set of workable actions to take in order to create a more positive physical and 
emotional atmosphere.    

Initially offered to senior staff, GILLs was so successful that the PUD is now offering these sessions to all 
employees in FY2017.  

Community Partnering & Engagement  

The City of San Diego PUD employs ongoing community outreach and engagement to ensure that its 
customers are accurately informed about their water supply. Since 2010, the PUD has invested in 
extensive community outreach efforts for Pure Water San Diego, a phased, multi-year potable reuse 
program that will provide one-third of San Diego’s water locally by 2035. The Pure Water outreach 
program consists of free guided tours of the PUD’s 1-MGD Demonstration Advanced Water Purification 
Facility, speakers bureau presentations to community planning groups and organizations, a youth