ESD leadership establishes a participatory and collaborative culture with RWF operations and 
maintenance (O&M) and the CIP staff by communicating at quarterly ESD meetings, coffee chats, new 
managers meeting, and RWF leadership team meetings. 
Moreover, they advocate for staff training. For instance, the CIP package and project managers attend 
monthly project management trainings lead by subject expert consultants. The curriculum follows the 
Project Management Institute courses. 
Key managers and staff are part of the system improvement process. There are three meetings (O&M 
project debriefing, weekly CIP project package managers meeting, bi‐weekly CIP and O&M coordination) 
for teams to collaborate, debrief, and discuss what worked, what didn’t, and identify potential 
conflicts/duplications to streamline processes and minimize conflicts. 
ESD encourages information sharing including brown bag sessions; sample topic: Managing Nutrient 
Removal at a 4‐Sludge BNR Facility. 
The CIP Portal, is a central information repository website. The Portal has videos and graphics, allowing 
for an intuitive navigation and a filter feature to help streamline information. A “Design Guidelines 
Library” was also created; it’s a tool to sustain institutional knowledge. It captures knowledge from 
senior O&M staff and passes it to new staff. 
Another way to share information about the RWF and CIP is through the award‐winning ESD quarterly 
internal newsletter. Two regular columns are by ESD leadership and other articles are submitted by 
RWF/CIP staff. 
ESD leadership fosters a culture that supports training and builds a leadership bench through trainings 
and mentoring opportunities. 
ESD provides two department certificate leadership programs with a focus on ESD Mission, Values, and 
strategic goals. Some courses are taught by ESD Leadership. They are also committed to transferring 
knowledge from consultants to RWF O&M and CIP staff by June 2017. 
ESD offers ongoing training courses available to entry level O&M staff. RWF supervisors also attend City 
courses including contracts and leadership skills. Finally, RWF O&M staff can attain grade 5 certification 
for increased technical and leadership skills. 
Coaching and mentoring: ESD offers a robust onboarding program including RWF processes and a buddy 
system. The City also offers a formal mentorship program, which RWF staff participates in as mentors 
and mentees. Further, RWF O&M staff can “shadow” CIP package and project managers. 
ESD leadership believes in growing its own staff. Entry level staff is hired, trained, and promoted to 
mechanics or operators. On the job training is invested over a four year period.