Community Partnering & Engagement – This is the stuff at which the Utility of the Future must excel. We 
must connect with many communities of interest and partners, as well as our ratepayers. Clean Water 
Services has a long history of stakeholder engagement, public education and outreach, and partnering 
with our member cities, regulators, the environmental community, and many other interest groups. We 
received the nation’s first watershed permit due to strong partnerships with the Oregon Department of 
Environmental Quality and the support of environmental groups including the Tualatin River Watershed 
Council and Tualatin Riverkeepers. Together we are improving water quality, building social capacity, 
building the economy, and enhancing natural habitat throughout the Tualatin River Watershed--all while 
keeping rate increases low and predictable. A great example of community engagement is the Tree for 
All Community Tree Planting Challenge, a coalition led by the District since 2005 with its member cities, 
nonprofits, public land holders and legions of volunteers. In 2015, it met and doubled the One Million 
Tree Challenge, invigorating the spirit of volunteerism and building social capital while enhancing habitat 
and the natural beauty of our communities.   

Energy Generation & Recovery – The District was an early adopter of energy recovery, installing 
cogeneration engines running on digester gas more than 20 years ago. The latest modernization with 
larger engines plus a FOG recovery program produces even more power and keeps the pipes clean. The 
installation of a half megawatt peak power solar facility moves the Durham Facility closer to net zero 
power, a long term goal for the entire District.   

Nutrient & Materials Recovery – As owner and operator of the first Ostara facility in the U.S., the District 
leads phosphorus and ammonia recovery for commercial fertilizer. Early on, we had the technology and 
held a patent that improves the performance of nutrient recovery systems.  We established the 
nonprofit Clean Water Institute to partner with Ostara to promote the technology at other resource 
recovery facilities across the U.S. and around the world, including the Metropolitan Water Reclamation 
District of Greater Chicago. The District also created and markets Clean Water Grow, a premium 
fertilizer sold in nurseries where its packaging also delivers important messages on water quality and 
nutrient recycling to the greater community.    

Watershed Stewardship – Our general manager always asks, “What would Mother Nature do?” The 
answer led to the creation of a comprehensive watershed program that melds the built environment 
with the natural world for superior outcomes as our community continues to develop. In an audacious 
move, our Board approved working outside of our jurisdictional boundaries to partner with farmers, 
Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District, Tualatin Valley Irrigation District, the regional government 
Metro, and federal agencies as well as our member cities and local park districts. Together, we have 
restored more than 100 miles of stream and river riparian area, and delivered water to restored flow to 
thirsty creeks. The program is an engine of economic development that has borne thriving native plant 
nurseries where none existed before. Our combined stewardship has regained natural spaces to the 
delight and benefit of people and wildlife throughout the Tualatin River Watershed, supporting 
resiliency for a sustainable future.    

We are pleased to be recognized as a Utility of the Future for this prestigious award.  We appreciate 
your gracious consideration of our qualifications detailed below.