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Organizational Culture 

Energy Generation & Recovery 


Utility Description 

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Type (e.g., single plant, regional system, multiple plants, collection system only, stormwater, etc.):  
DC Water provides retail water and wastewater (sewer) service to the District of Columbia. 
DC Water provides wholesale wastewater treatment service to Montgomery and Prince George's counties in 
Maryland and Fairfax and Loudoun counties in Virginia. 
Service Area (square miles):  
DC Water's service area is approximately 725 square 

Average annual daily flow (MGD):  
Avg daily flow of wastewater through Blue Plains is 
300 mgd, though we have a capacity of 384 mgd 
Avg drinking water pumped: DC Water pumped an 
average of 101 million gallons of water per day on 
average in FY 2015. 

Population Served:  
DC Water provides more than 672,000 residents, 17.8 million annual visitors, and 700,000 people who are 
employed in the District of Columbia with water and sewer/wastewater treatment. 
Blue Plains treats wastewater from jurisdictions in Maryland and Virginia for an additional 1.6 million people.