determine which to pursue. The goal is to create the platform, test it internally and eventually invite the 
public to submit their ideas as well.  
Enterprise Resiliency 
The Authority’s CyberSecurity program is based off of the principles outlined in Executive Order 13636 
“Improving Critical Infrastructure CyberSecurity”.  We identify and prioritize opportunities for 
improvement within our business support systems by leveraging NIST 800-37 “Risk Management 
Framework”; Categorizing systems, selecting security controls (NIST 800-53, “Security and Privacy 
Controls for Federal Information systems and organizations”), implementing security controls… and 
monitor the security controls.  We’ve taken advantage of the AWWA tool for security controls, to 
prioritize security control implementation and partnered with both internal auditors to independently 
evaluate security controls and government agencies to provide situational awareness and Network 
Architecture Validation and Verification (NAVV). 
Emergency Management- 
DC Water has developed a Department of Emergency Management to support the Authority during 
times of crisis, to prepare and train staff to act in a crisis, to develop policies and procedures, maintain 
equipment and develop relationships with emergency management, city and regional agencies as well 
as with other groups with like missions—utilities, Silver Jackets (flood prevention), HSEMA and 
emergency response personnel. DC Water has trained an Incident Management Team (IMT) and uses 
the Incident Command System (ICS) to respond to emergencies. 
Climate change and resiliency— 
DC Water is ahead of many water utilities in studying and planning for natural and man-made disasters 
from storm flooding to sea rise to water emergency. DC Water hosts a Critical Customer Roundtable 
each year to share best practices, identify weaknesses and to assist agencies and customers in 
identifying gaps in their planning. DC Water participates in numerous regional programs for long-range 
resiliency planning. 
Community Engagement 
DC Water Works – Local Hiring Program 
DC Water launched a program to partner with local businesses to hire more local residents to work on 
DC Water’s projects. In 2015, DC Water operated three satellite Job Centers across the District of 
Columbia to give potential applicants information on job openings with DC Water contracting firms and 
to provide assistance with resume writing. In 2015, 39 individuals were hired through the Job Centers. 
DC Water has learned the available jobs are highly skilled and often don’t match the backgrounds of the 
job seeking population. With this skill gap in mind, DC Water took the extraordinary step of creating a 
mentorship program where local residents could receive paid entry-level on-the-job training with a local 
construction firm.  
The lessons learned from this pilot program are being applied to a broader local employment strategy -- 
DC Water is developing a program to incentivize contractors to hire residents of the DC Water service 
area. The comprehensive program, called DC Water Works, already made an impact in 2015 when 83% 
of the 137 newly-hired contractor employees lived in DC Water’s user jurisdictions.  
Affordability and Customer Assistance 
DC Water offers two programs to assist eligible customers with paying their water and sewer bills if they 
are experiencing a financial hardship.  Serving People by Lending A Supporting Hand (SPLASH) is a DC