Outreach and Communications 

Full engagement at the state-wide, professional peer, watershed, and local village scales are all 
integrated into the routine activities of the organization, providing engagement and leadership at 
multiple community levels.  District outreach and communications range from international technology 
exchanges to scout troop plant tours complete with merit badge awards.  

For over 25 years, the District has held an annual open house at the wastewater treatment center, an 
opportunity to demonstrate the scope and value of the wastewater utility that our customers own.  It is 
a great opportunity for elected officials to meet people, high school science students seeking extra 
credit, boy and girl scouts to get merit badges, interested general public to learn more about their 
community, and District staff to show off their pride and joy.  Local outreach has expanded into a 
comprehensive annual newsletter, a user-friendly web site, and a social media presence, with part time 
staff dedicated to these sorts of local public communications.  Recent outreach with the local grade and 
high-school districts has opened up opportunities to incorporate hands-on experiences for students as 
part of the STEM curricula at local schools.      

In addition to extensive watershed stewardship, the District is fully integrated into local permitting and 
planning as it relates to water resources.  The District served as a stakeholder in the development of the 
local stormwater utility, and coordinates planning, permitting and construction activities with the local 
water supply and stormwater authorities.  The District’s Board President serves on the wastewater 
committee of the local regional planning agency, the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning.   

District staff are well known participants in various local professional associations.  We have committee 
and executive leaders at the Illinois Association of Wastewater Agencies and at Central States Water 
Environment Association.  The District is recognized as a source of a variety of high quality technical 
presentations for numerous venues with a wide variety of interests.  One result of this involvement is 
being identified as a valued stakeholder in state-wide initiatives, including the Illinois Nutrient Loss 
Reduction Strategy, as well as the development of energy efficiency grant programs administered by the 
State of Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, and the Illinois Clean Energy 
Community Foundation.     

The District’s partnership with the Danish Consulate’s Water Technology Alliance has helped the District 
broaden its knowledge of available technologies, including energy production equipment and process 
changes for lower energy use.  Hosting a WTA workshop created a good opportunity to generate 
interest in energy issues among peer agencies in the local vicinity.   

Application Part 3: Utility of the Future Today Activity Areas   


Each applicant is required to submit responses for the Organizational Culture Activity Area, and at least 
one additional Activity Area of their choosing.  

Applicants may submit responses for as many Activity Areas as they choose beyond the minimum 
requirement. There is no “penalty” for submitting responses for only two Activity Areas – each activity 
area will be assessed independently of all others.