Increase in amount of biosolids sent to land application - Increased from 25% of annual tonnage 
in 2008 to 43% in 2015.   



Number of years as a certified National Biosolids Partnership agency - 10 years Increase in 
average cake dryness (reduction in amount to be hauled away)   



Increased from 21% total solids in 2007 to 25% total solids in 2015  




Partnerships in place with one or more community organizations, with specific name given to 
partnership and objectives for the partnership established (e.g., a formalized partnership among 
community transportation, parks, and land use organizations for the incorporation of green 
infrastructure to reduce flooding and overflows)  


Participation in projects with neighborhood groups/stakeholders to create recreational 
opportunities and community assets (e.g., parks, enhanced public space)  


Use of a Triple Bottom Line approach, including engagement with stakeholders, to analyze 
growth planning alternatives, considering financial, social, and environmental costs and benefits  


Participation in regular meetings with community stakeholders and offering of environmental 
education opportunities (e.g., river walks)  


Web presence established with social media engagement 

A new public tour program was established for the MWWTP in 2016 for residents and schools. A 
webpage was established to make it easy for the public to make reservations online. Tours are led by 
employees and retirees.   

The District set up nine locations within the service area where residents can dispose of unwanted and 
expired medicines. The locations are listed on the District’s website and mentioned at community 

Staff actively does public outreach with businesses and residents to reduce the disposal of fats, oils and 
grease in the sewer system and pollution prevention. The District also does joint outreach with other 
agencies on pollution prevention. Information is available via the District website, printed outreach 
materials, billboards, and a hotline number.   

In the mid-1990s, the District formed the West Oakland Liaison Group to provide a forum for District 
staff and local community members to discuss current and upcoming projects and activities and for the 
District to receive feedback from the community on any specific concerns.  REFER TO APPENDIX 1 FOR  

Performance Measures & Results 



Number of website hits  


Average of 4,000 hits/month for the main EBMUD Wastewater website in the past year  


507 hits on the Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour webpage since launching in March 



Number of people who have attended the new wastewater treatment plant tour: 100 people 
(between new program launch in April 2016 and June 2016)   



Number of gallons of residential cooking oil collected: 3,211 gallons collected from three 
locations in the service area in 2015