Fairfax County’s Wastewater Management sponsors WEF’s Sewer Science, a hands on laboratory in 
which a wastewater treatment plant is simulated.  Over 17, 000 Fairfax County students in 25 high 
schools have participated in the program, which also promotes watershed stewardship and knowledge 
of wastewater & stormwater utilities. 

The Noman Cole Pollution Control Plant has created a jobs program that provides two entry level 
positions for non-college track high school graduates.  This new hires are provided work and skills 
training to better position themselves when full time openings are available. 

Performance Measures & Results 



People taking a plant tour: 

260 people YTD in CY 2016 (149 people in CY 2015) 




Participation in Community Events: 

5 events in CY 2015 (Mt. Vernon Town Hall, Mason Neck 

State Park’s annual Eagle Festival, the Lorton Workhouse Earth Day, Touch a Truck at Chantilly 
Library and Fort Belvoir Elementary School’s Family Day) 



Hits on Regional Messaging Page: 

6,000 hits in past 3 months 





Board/executive management reuse strategy established 


Communications and outreach plan developed and implemented  


Ongoing market assessment of reused water to public/private and public/public entities 


Investments in reuse infrastructure   


Building code changes to enable reuse (e.g., reuse water code)  

The Fairfax County Wastewater Management program has been operating a water reclamation and 
reuse system since 2012 in compliance with Virginia regulations.  The 5 mile distribution piping and a 
500,000 gallon storage tank deliver reclaimed water to a cooling tower, golf course, and ball fields.  

Three consultant studies have identified future customers and analyzed their economic feasibility.   

About 2 million gallons a day of plant water is used on site for scrubber water, chemical makeup, and 
seal water. 

The reclaimed water is tested using on line instrumentation and in house laboratory.  “Out of 
specification” water is diverted back to the plant instead of the distribution system. 

Performance Measures & Results 



Reclaimed water distributed to the public:  

444 million gallons in CY 2015 



System Uptime:  

99.98% in CY 2015 (up from 99.29% in 2013)