Partnerships in place with one or more community organizations, with specific name given to 
partnership and objectives for the partnership established (e.g., a formalized partnership among 
community transportation, parks, and land use organizations for the incorporation of green 
infrastructure to reduce flooding and overflows)  


Participation in projects with neighborhood groups/stakeholders to create recreational 
opportunities and community assets (e.g., parks, enhanced public space)  


Participation in regular meetings with community stakeholders and offering of environmental 
education opportunities (e.g., river walks)  


Web presence established with social media engagement 

The District participates in community workforce development programs, including BAYWORK and the 
Bay Area Consortium for Water/Wastewater Education (BACWWE).  These programs offer educational 
opportunities to support SF Bay Area students who are entering or advancing in the water and 
wastewater industry.     

The District hosted its first treatment plant open house in April 2016, in celebration of the Districts 65th 
anniversary.  The free event, which was open to all-ages, allowed member of the community to learn 
more about the District in a casual and positive environment.  Activities included equipment demos, 
photo opportunities, plant tours, and scavenger hunts.  

The District promotes community awareness of value of water, wastewater, and stormwater through its 
award winning community outreach program.   

The District partners with other agencies on classroom outreach to minimize duplication and provide the 
widest reach.  Activities include hands-on field trip based programs, as well as multi-disciplinary 
classroom programs that are aligned with content standards for California schools.    

District staff actively participates in the City of Fairfield’s Development Action Review Team (DART), led 
by the City’s community development division.    

The District participates in 95.3 KUIC’s regional Hometown Green radio campaign.   Partnering with 
other agencies significantly reduces the cost of airing the segments and allows messages to reach a 
broader audience.  The segments, which are written by and recorded on-air by staff, include messages 
regarding the connectedness of streets to local creeks, the importance of recycling, and reducing waste.    

The District hosts annual community creek cleanup events, encouraging volunteers to become familiar 
with the environment, see the impacts of environmental apathy, and take personal responsibility for 
environmental protection and sustainability.   

The District is active in the Bay Area Pollution Prevention Group (BAPPG), a group of 43 Bay Area 
Wastewater Agencies that work together to coordinate pollution prevention activities.  The group 
provides research and guidance to members and the public on the impacts of pollutants.  More 
information on BAPPG is available under the Committee pages at http://www.bacwa.org.   

Performance Measures & Results