Cogeneration energy produced:  In 2015, cogeneration engines produced 5.6 million kWh from 
digester/natural gas, or approximately 52% of total imported energy.   




Materials recovery strategy established and communicated with utility employees  


Adequate staffing to support materials recovery program (contractual or in-house)  


Contracts or agreements in place for materials provision  


Ongoing exploration and evaluation of materials recovery opportunities  

The addition of the OMRC will capture the nutrients in the dewatering sidestream, reduce the resources 
necessary to treat nutrients in the plant, and reduce these nutrients in the effluent.  The sidestream 
nutrients will enhance the nutrient content of the OMRC’s biofertilizer. 

 The District has partnered with AFS BioOil to advance algae production technology and the opportunity 
to utilize resources from wastewater treatment plants.  One of the products developed at the Algae 
Production facility will capture carbon and nutrients from wastewater treatment to produce bio oil that 
can be used for make marketable product including biodiesel.  

Performance Measures & Results 



Public Private Partnership with Lystek:  100% of Nutrients in the dewatering sidestream will be 
captured in the biofertilizer product.  Production of methane will increase by 25% thereby 
increasing electricity generated and reducing energy purchased from local utility.   



Public Private Partnership with AFS BioOi: l A small scale production facility was constructed in 
2011 and has been evaluating the use of dewatering sidestream to capture carbon and 




Investments in reuse infrastructure   

The District has produced and managed the use of recycled water in Fairfield and Suisun City, under SF 
Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board regulation, since 1978.   

Recycled Water produced at the District Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is delivered to turf farms 
adjacent to the WWTP for crop irrigation, and also to a tank near the WWTP entrance.  Recycled water is 
trucked from this tank to a landfill, where it is used for dust control.    

District recycled water is disinfected using Ultraviolet (UV) Light as an alternative to chlorine 

Performance Measures & Results   



Water Reuse:  Treated wastewater is provided to the Suisun Marsh to enhance water quality, 
particularly dissolved oxygen, to areas of the marsh where low flow conditions result in poor 
water quality.  Approximately 90% of the annual processed wastewater is supplied to the Marsh