Utility Description 

(combine all plants if a multi-site system)



Kent County Regional Resource Recovery Facility:  
Service Area (square miles): 800 

Average annual daily flow (MGD): 12.5 

Population Served: 125,000 


Street Address: 139 Milford Neck Rd. 
City:                    Milford                                              State: DE 

Zip Code: 19963 

Contact Information  

Name: James Newton 

Phone: 302-335-6000 

Email: james.newton@co.kent.de.us 


NARRATIVE: The Kent County Regional Resource Recovery Facility (KCRRRF) is an advanced BNR facility.  
It is the only resource recovery facility in the U.S. to be certified to the ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and 
National Biosolids Partnership’s (NBP) EMS standards.  It was first certified in 2006.  The facility has been 
a national leader in promoting these programs among resource recovery facilities.  As a result of its 
environmental, health and safety, energy and security management system (EHSES-MS), it has 
developed a majority of the attributes assigned to a utility of the future.  The EHSES-MS has helped to 
establish an organizational culture that is advanced beyond the typical resource recovery facility.  It has  
a leadership team that is focused on the future of the facility while ensuring it operates as efficiently as 
resources allow.  The EHSES-MS has established objectives and targets that guide the facility into the 
near and long term.   

It has made a commitment to developing its staff to their maximum ability. The facility is open to trying 
innovative ideas.  The facility has installed a unique UV disinfection system and a solar biosolids drying 
system.   The facility is considered by the U.S. EPA, Water Environment Federation (WEF) and the U.S., 
Department of Energy as a national leader and is often used in case studies and national presentations.  
The facility promotes from within and typically replaces promoted personnel from the general public 
and trains those personnel to reach their maximum potential.  One of the reasons the facility 
implemented the EHSES-MS was to capture the “tribal” knowledge of long time employees before they 
retired through the development of work instructions.  This prevents the next generation of employees 
from having to learn the same information by trial and error.  

The KCRRRF has been beneficially reusing biosolids since the mid-1990’s.    All of the biosolids produced 
by the KCRRRF is Class A.  The biosolids process consists of dewatering using belt filter presses, lime 
addition for stabilization and drying using either indirect dryers or solar powered dryers.  The biosolids 
produced are referred to as Kentorganite and given to local farmers as a soil amendment/fertilizer.  The 
facility only charges to transport and spread the product.  The product is listed as a 1% 
nitrogen/phosphorus fertilizer with lime.  Local farmers are saved cots of virgin nitrogen, phosphorous 
and lime.  Lime is a critical element for local farmers because of the lower pH of the sandy spoil. 

The KCRRRF has been working with local communities since the inception of the facility in the early 
1970’s.  The county commissioners established the Sewer Advisory Board (SAB) to make 
recommendations to them for sewer expansion, projected budgets and other issues related to the 
facility.  The SAB is composed of representatives form the contract users, local regulatory agencies and 
members of the public appointed by the commissioners.  The KCRRF has also established partnerships 
with the Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA) for the treatment of land leachate, which in the past 
was trucked by the DSWA over 75 miles for treatment.  The KCRRF has provided tours to a variety of