Participating in the U.S. Depot. of Energy’s Better Plants program which requires a commitment to 
reduce energy consumption by 25% before 2025. 

Looking to install energy efficient biosolids dryers within the next 2 years 

Energy Service Company (ESCO) Feasibility Study 

US DOE Industrial Assessment for Energy 

Performance Measures & Results 



Improved energy efficiency in blowers: Project being designed 



Improved energy efficiency in basins: 10-15% reduction 



Switch to LED facility lighting: Project budgeted and one building converted 



GHG reduced from 2010 levels: 50% reduction 



Results of ESCO study: Reduction of energy related costs from -$900,000 to +$300,000 



Replacement of five 500 hp centrifugal blowers with 2 turbo blowers: Project in design stage 




Indication of management commitment (e.g., standard operating procedures; board/executive 
management renewable energy conversion policy, including quantitative goals developed and 
shared with stakeholders)   


Internal energy sources evaluated (e.g., biogas, hydropower, heat in wastewater), and/or 
renewable energy sources evaluated on an ongoing basis (e.g., solar, wind, co-digestion)  


Solar panels, wind turbines, heat recovery, in conduit hydro, and/or hydroelectric power 
generation systems installed  

Looking to become zero net energy facility within the next 10 years combining energy efficiency and 
energy generation. 

Looking to adopt ISO 50001 and SEP management system 

Investigated various sources of feedstock for anaerobic digestion including organic food wastes, yard  

Performance Measures & Results 



Percentage of energy from 1.2 MW solar farm: 10-15% average over the last 4 years, about 6.5 



Biogas generation: Future project planned for this area 



Installation of a 2 MW distributed generator to replace 6 smaller generators thus reducing air 
pollution and ability to generate electricity for local cooperative: Project in design stage 





Materials recovery strategy established and communicated with utility employees  


Adequate staffing to support materials recovery program (contractual or in-house)  


Market assessment conducted for recovered materials  


Contracts or agreements in place for materials provision