Recycled water 
We produce about 300 million gallons of high-quality recycled water each year that's used for golf 
course irrigation, industrial process water and wetland augmentation near salmon spawning habitat. In 
response to customer interest in recycled water during the severe and historic 2015 drought that put 
severe stress on King County ecosystems, we entered into new agreements to provide recycled water to 
the lake Washington Youth Soccer Association's play fields and local cities for municipal uses. Our 
recycled water program also supports broader regional environmental goals that entail reducing our 
long-term need to discharge to Puget Sound, and developing a climate-resilient water resource for 
warmer than normal years when dwindling snowpack can't adequately fill our streams and reservoirs. 
Loop t biosolids 
We beneficially recycle 100% of our biosolids though a land application program that has built a network 
of customers that use our product to build healthy soils, improve crop yields, and produce lush gardens. 
Our registered biosolids brand, loop®, has been received enthusiastically by the public since its 
introduction in 2012. The logo's infinity symbol and tagllne, "Turn Your Dirt Around", communicated 
instantly to the public that this is a sustainable product and an environmentally responsible way to 
manage resources in an urban environment. 
An additional benefit of biosolids land application is that it costs approximately half that of drying, 
combusting or landfilling biosolids. The environmental benefits of our approach reflect our vision of 
"Revolutionizing the Recovery of Valuable Resources for Sustainable Communities." 
Engaging employees 
Finally, workforce development continues to be an important strategy for WTD to maintain experienced 
staffing levels. Like many utilities nationwide, we have a "graying" workforce with nearly half our  
current employees eligible for retirement in just seven years. We're keenly focused on developing the 
next generation of leaders within the organization, in addition to managing a robust recruiting program 
through partnerships with high schools, colleges and the trades. We are actively working to brand WTD 
as a "green employer of choice" through job fairs, social media, internship and training opportunities, 
and public education and outreach that includes under-served communities. 
In 2016 and beyond, our utility will maintain its commitment to service excellence by investing in 
employees, Increasing efficiency through lean and Continuous Improvement, meeting or surpassing 
permit requirements, exploring new technologies and markets for recycled products, and investing in 
asset management and capital improvement programs. 
We are excited to take part in the Utility of the Future certification program, recognizing the value In 
developing best practices that will take the industry in a progressive new direction, while encouraging 
greater collaboration and knowledge-sharing. It would be an honor to receive this recognition. Thank 
you for the opportunity to participate in the program. 



Proactive leadership that engages in both internal organizational and broader external 
community priorities