skilled technician trades.  AlexRenew has hired and trained 13 apprentices over three years in the roles 
of wastewater systems technician, wastewater mechanic, and control systems technician.  

Together, AlexRenew employees are developing a culture focused on collaboration, safety, 
sustainability, and workplace efficiency. For example, we are training our staff on 5S – an organizational 
methodology for improving efficiency and effectiveness that started with our maintenance team. 
AlexRenew’s Safety, Environment, and Sustainability Committee meets monthly to inspect the campus, 
and interdepartmental teams within the Committee undertake special projects. We have not had a lost-
time workplace incident in six years and had zero incidents in 2015. 

Innovation is also a primary focus for the AlexRenew team. An objective of our 2040 vision is to 
implement innovative ideas and technologies to improve resiliency and sustainability. AlexRenew 
provides opportunities for staff to engage in innovative thinking. For example, workshops are being held 
with employees across our campus to determine how we will manage biosolids in the future. 

We also help every team member realize the importance of their work through internal 
communications. In celebration of Water and Wastewater Professionals Day, which takes place on June 
30, we are creating a team appreciation video. Ongoing efforts include a monthly team newsletter, 
digital signage, and monthly events that tie into our mission.  


By transforming water, AlexRenew helps support the area’s local economy, ensures the community we 
serve enjoys a higher quality of life, and protects our local waterways, which are a source of beauty, 
recreation, and commerce.    

We work hard to build public trust and understanding of wastewater treatment. This starts with 
communication methods like our bill stuffer, website, and social media. And, each year, hundreds of 
people tour AlexRenew’s campus to learn about transforming water firsthand. We engage the 
community at local schools, community meetings, and events such as Alexandria’s Earth Day. 
Additionally, we partner with the community on projects like our Urban Wildlife Habitat planting, which 
showcases native plants and will serve as an outdoor classroom for community groups like Master 

We operate an advanced odor control system to ensure that we don’t affect our neighbors. On top of 
our Nutrient Management Facility, we constructed a lit multipurpose athletic field. And soon, our new 
LEED Platinum-certified Environmental Center with public meeting space, a customer service center, and 
educational lobby will open and help foster water awareness and stewardship. AlexRenew constructed 
the building and adjacent public athletic field through a partnership with the City of Alexandria and 
developer Carlyle Plaza Partners.  

We also partner with researchers at universities, such as George Mason University, and nonprofits like 
the Water Environment Research Foundation to act as a test bed for wastewater innovations. Our 
partnership with the community extends to our local emergency services, which train on our campus, 
and the Alexandria Seaport Foundation, which stores its boats at AlexRenew.