NARRATIVE: KUB provides electric, natural gas, water, and wastewater services to more than 445,000 
customers in Knoxville and parts of seven surrounding counties. While KUB exists to provide utility 
services that are safe, reliable, and affordable, KUB’s mission is about more than pipes and wires – it’s 
about being good stewards of the environment and safeguarding our communities’ resources for 
generations to come.  

A corporate strategic planning process completed in 2014 reaffirmed KUB’s values, defined measures for 
success, and initiated an ongoing series of strategic initiatives to maintain focus on priorities, address 
challenges, and ensure quality in all that KUB does. Strategic initiatives completed or in progress include 
customer engagement, operational efficiency, revenue growth, emerging technologies, water supply, 
water loss prevention, and damage prevention. To build on KUB’s legacy of environmental 
responsibility, KUB completed its Environment and Sustainability Strategic Initiative in 2015 to evaluate 
existing sustainability initiatives and evaluate new opportunities. At the same time, key initiatives for 
KUB’s wastewater system and plants include a Knowledge Management Initiative and development of a 
water/wastewater operator qualification program. Innovative projects developed from these corporate 
initiatives include KUB’s construction of the first public compressed natural gas fueling station in the 
Knoxville area, a planned combined heat and power renewable energy system for the Kuwahee 
wastewater plant, alternative disinfection systems for all wastewater plants, and evaluation of microgrid 
technologies for KUB’s Hoskins Operations Center.  

KUB’s culture also includes a strong commitment to and engagement with its employees, demonstrated 
first and foremost through its safety program. The safety of employees and the public is KUB’s highest 
responsibility. With implementation of its Safety Talks and Accident Reduction Training (START) program 
that engages all employees and members of management, KUB has observed an approximate 20% 
decrease in overall injuries and 35% decrease in overall Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred (DART) 
from 2009 to 2015.  

In addition to employee engagement in safety, KUB ensures continual communication to align every 
employee with the shared values and keys to success outlined in the corporate blueprint. Monthly 
department meetings, company newsletters, electronic message boards, and employee recognition 
activities help to maintain focus on the blueprint and strategic initiatives and encourage employees to 
identify new opportunities to fulfill KUB’s mission. The workforce development program includes a 
revitalized leadership development program (LDP). The More than sixty KUB employees have 
participated in the LDP program. Twenty-five of these employees have had at least one promotion or 
level advancement and ten have received more than one.  All participants in the LDP complete an 
Individual Development Plan focused on their specific leadership skills and KUB career goals. To date, 
the retention rate for employees involved in the program is ninety-seven percent.   

KUB exists to serve its customers, and does this not only by providing safe, reliable, and affordable utility 
services, but by participating in the community. Volunteering has always been a cornerstone of KUB, 
and in 2014, KUB implemented its VolTime policy, which allows every employee eight hours of paid time 
annually to perform volunteer work in the community. Being a partner to support community priorities 
is important to KUB and reflected in its wide range of partnerships, including Tennessee Valley Authority 
and City of Knoxville energy efficiency and sustainability programs, the National Biosolids Partnership, 
Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense and Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge, low-income 
home weatherization programs, and East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition initiatives. KUB raises funds to