support United Way through annual campaigns (100% employee-funded) and participates in community 
events such as Earthfest, Waterfest, River Rescue, Adopt-A-Stream, Adopt-A-Highway, and the Regional 
Unwanted Medication Collection.  

To provide safe, reliable, and affordable services from its four utility systems, KUB continually works to 
improve assets. KUB, like other utilities nationwide, continues to face the challenge of replacing aging 
infrastructure. Century II, an infrastructure management program KUB launched in May 2007, is 
designed to be an investment in our next 100 years of quality service – and in the quality of life in our 
community. In 2011, KUB’s Board of Commissioners endorsed 10-year funding plans to support work in 
the water and electric systems, and in 2013, 10-year funding plans were endorsed for the natural gas 
and wastewater systems. With the proposed level of investment over 10 years and work completed to 
date, KUB is on track to accomplish sustainable life-cycle replacement programs for all four utility 

KUB has maintained an excellent drinking water quality record by staying in compliance with federal and 
state standards and maintaining its infrastructure. KUB’s distribution system is on a sound replacement 
cycle, and KUB is implementing a 15-year, $100 million water plant redundancy plan to eliminate single 
points of failure and increase operational flexibility. To ensure reliability, the plan includes an additional 
intake with two independent water sources, emergency electric generators, electric system upgrades, 
redundant high service transmission mains, additional filters, a redundant backwash process, redundant 
piping and pumping, and an additional clearwell. Water quality assurance is provided by efforts such as 
KUB’s assessment program to be aware of businesses and industries upstream of the water plant, and 
KUB’s state certified lab, which performs over 100,000 tests annually – many more than required by law.  

Prior to implementation of the Century II program, KUB’s ten-year PACE 10 (Partners Acting for a 
Cleaner Environment) program addressed sewer overflows and wastewater system infrastructure 
improvement to meet increasingly strict regulatory requirements and ensure compliance during peak 
wet weather flows. PACE 10 began in 2004 and positioned KUB to fulfill requirements of a federal 
Consent Decree (CD) received in 2005. KUB has upgraded an average of 25 miles of sewer line per year, 
which represents two percent of the system annually, or a sustainable 50-year replacement cycle. With 
a total investment of $650 million, PACE 10 required a transition from spending about a million dollars 
per month for system improvements to a million dollars a week.  

KUB delivered on time and on budget the construction of six wastewater storage tanks and 134 
collection system projects required under the CD in 2014, and then rolled the system replacement and 
maintenance into the Century II program. In 2012 and 2013, KUB completed two of the major plant 
upgrades and will complete the final two required plant projects by the end of the CD term in 2021. Of 
KUB’s work, Heather McTeer Toney, EPA Regional Administrator said, “KUB has demonstrated a serious 
commitment to address its long-standing sewage overflow problems by implementing the Partners 
Acting for a Cleaner Environment sewer improvement program and meeting major consent decree 
milestones. KUB’s efforts have resulted in a dramatic 82 percent drop in SSOs between 2003 and 
2014…”  KUB’s wastewater plants continue to win NACWA Platinum, Gold, or Silver Performance Awards 
for excellence in operations and compliance with NPDES requirements. 

KUB’s award-winning Biosolids Management Program allows for 100% beneficial reuse and prevents 
biosolids from being sent to landfills. KUB has ensured 100% beneficial reuse of its biosolids for at least 
twenty-five years. Since 2011, the program has been certified at the Platinum level by the National