We have worked with SPCURE, CWQMC, UWP, and other groups to provide high quality, scientifically 
and legally defensible chemical and physical information in our watershed. 

Performance Measures & Results 



Overall safety program performance: Lost time injuries below industry standard 



Apprentice Operator Program: 100% for newly hired Plant Operators 





Board/executive management policy created, advocating beneficial biosolids use 


Business case evaluation conducted for beneficial biosolids use program 


Marketing plan for products created 


Participation in or certification in National Biosolids Partnership or ISO programs 


Public involvement and education activities related to public acceptance and support of 
beneficial biosolids use 

NBP – Platinum certified 

Financial support of long-term biosolids research with Colorado State University 

Adequate staffing to support programs 

Performance Measures & Results 



Maintain 100% distribution of biosolids to beneficial use programs: 100% used in agricultural 




Monthly compliance with all existing federal, state and local biosolids regulations, and 
demonstrate performance at least 10% below permit requirements: 100% permit compliance; 
Monitored metals average 82% below PC limitations 



Financial support of long-term biosolids research with Colorado State University: Annually 
approved program since 1982 




Partnerships in place with one or more community organizations, with specific name given to 
partnership and objectives for the partnership established (e.g., a formalized partnership among 
community transportation, parks, and land use organizations for the incorporation of green 
infrastructure to reduce flooding and overflows)  


Participation in regular meetings with community stakeholders and offering of environmental 
education opportunities (e.g., river walks)  


Web presence established with social media engagement 

Successfully completed our 2015 World Water Monitoring Challenge and Water Exposition (a public 
education program with Englewood and area schools) 

Plant tours given and feedback requested 

Participate in Englewood School District’s STEM program 

Participate in industry information booth at various public events