Initiated in 2016, Alexandria Renew Leadership Academy (ARLA) is an opportunity for emerging leaders 
to learn from peers across our organization with varying levels of leadership experience. The program 
provides practical tools that apply immediately to employees’ work environment.  

AlexRenew provides opportunities for staff to engage in process decisions and encourages innovative 
thinking. For example, workshops are being held with employees across our campus to determine how 
we manage biosolids in the future. We also hold meetings with our apprentices to get their insights 
about the future of our apprentice program. In 2012, AlexRenew changed its name from Alexandria 
Sanitation Authority to Alexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew) and rebranded to better convey our 
role in resource recovery and community development. As we elevate our brand, taking AlexRenew 
from a standard utility to a place of transformation, we also elevate the internal culture. The brand 
helps every associate realize the importance of their work.  

AlexRenew focuses on internal communications that reinforce the value of wastewater treatment and 
resource recovery with a monthly internal newsletter, monthly CEO roundtables, cascading messaging, 
and digital signage across campus. AlexRenew also hosts events and celebrations each month that tie 
into our mission, from Safety Month activities to an Earth Day luncheon.    

AlexRenew is committed to workplace safety: we have not had a lost-time workplace incident in six 
years and had zero incidents in 2015. AlexRenew has a Safety, Environmental & Sustainability 
committee that meets monthly to inspect the campus and organize special projects. AlexRenew also 
conducts ongoing safety training programs and partners with the Virginia Municipal League on some 
programs like the driver safety program, “Where the Rubber Meets the Road” and have 5 certified staff 
who perform this training. 

 AlexRenew is committed to finding and fixing inefficiencies. For example, our maintenance shop and 
laboratory are organized according to 5S methodology for efficiency and effectiveness. AlexRenew is 
conducting 5S training across the organization, and all employees will participate in this work.   

AlexRenew fosters a culture of financial sustainability and stewardship for ratepayer funds. Although 
plant flows have remained relatively constant, BOD and TSS concentrations have increased and the cost 
to treat water and maintain our infrastructure continues to increase. We are continuously looking for 
innovative ways to improve energy efficiency, use fewer resources, and reduce or recover costs in other 

AlexRenew conducted comprehensive Long Range Planning Activities in 2008-09, to address current and 
future needs and enable AlexRenew’s mission and vision through 2030.  In 2016, an update to the Long 
Range Planning process began, focused on solids treatment enhancements, with a planning horizon of 
2040.  Both planning efforts, which define and shape capital improvements, have included AlexRenew 
operations & maintenance, engineering, and management staff.  Long Range Planning (LRP) More than 
30 staff members, across operations and maintenance, engineering, and management have participated 
in past and ongoing LRP efforts which has maximized stakeholder input and endorsement. Operator 
Training In the last 2 years, our operators have logged more than 1,600 training hours. Between Q3 2015 
and Q2 2016, Operations staff were trained on 21 modules covering all main plant site and remote 
pump station processes.  Operators, trained by consultants, will become the owners of the module 
material moving forward and train new staff in the future.