in Virginia Association of Municipal Wastewater Agencies (VAMWA), Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Association, 
and Virginia Biosolids Council on biosolids issues.    

Performance Measure(s), Results  


Percent of biosolids beneficially used vs. produced (annual basis) In 2015 (from 503 report), 
AlexRenew produced 5,629 dry metric tons (DMT) of biosolids; 5,026 DMT were land applied; 
570 DMT were used as a blended product; 33 DMT were landfilled.  Net of 99.4% beneficial 
reuse of AlexRenew biosolids.  


Natural resources conserved through substitution with biosolids Average monthly TKN (mg/kg) 
in biosolids for 2015: 54,708 Average % solids: 28.4%    


Tons of carbon sequestered in soil via land application of Class A biosolids In 2015, 903 Metric 
Tons of CO2 equivalents External Certification/Recognition 


In 2008-2015 period, AlexRenew was certified through the National Biosolids Partnership (NBP) 
EMS Program.   


2013-2015:  Based on their EMS Program, AlexRenew was certified as an Exemplary 
Environmental Enterprise (E3) by Virginia DEQ.  In 2016, AlexRenew was certified as an 
Extraordinary Environmental Enterprise (E4) 



Partnerships in place with one or more community organizations, with specific name given to 
partnership and objectives for the partnership established (e.g., a formalized partnership among 
community transportation, parks, and land use organizations for the incorporation of green 
infrastructure to reduce flooding and overflows)  


Participation in projects with neighborhood groups/stakeholders to create recreational 
opportunities and community assets (e.g., parks, enhanced public space)  


Use of a Triple Bottom Line approach, including engagement with stakeholders, to analyze 
growth planning alternatives, considering financial, social, and environmental costs and benefits  


Participation in regular meetings with community stakeholders and offering of environmental 
education opportunities (e.g., river walks)  


Web presence established with social media engagement 

Each year, hundreds of people tour AlexRenew’s campus to learn about transforming water firsthand. 
We also engage with the community at local events, schools, community meetings, and through 
community projects. Through a partnership with the City of Alexandria and developer Carlyle Plaza 
Partners, AlexRenew constructed a LEED Platinum Environmental Center and athletic field.  

The building features an educational lobby with museum-quality exhibits, a classroom for outreach 
activities, and public meeting space. Adjacent to the Environmental Center is Limerick Street Field, a full-
size turf field that sits atop our 18-million-gallon nutrient management facility.  AlexRenew is proud to 
support our local emergency services by providing training space onsite for fire and police personnel. 
We also offer boat storage to the Alexandria Seaport Foundation, a nonprofit serving at-risk youth and 
honoring Alexandria’s maritime heritage.   

AlexRenew partners with researchers at local universities and national nonprofits to be a test bed for 
wastewater innovations. For example, Alexandria Renew in partnership with George Mason University