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Indication of management commitment (e.g., energy efficiency standard operating procedures; 
board/executive management energy efficiency policy, including quantitative goals developed 
and shared with stakeholders)  


Energy audit/benchmarking conducted to identify priorities for energy efficiency improvements  


‘Energy teams’ established and individuals empowered within the utility for energy efficiency 
activities (e.g., an “energy advocate” or “energy champion”)   


Energy management-related training provided to plant staff 


Utilization of energy conserving operational methods (e.g., optimization of primary 
sedimentation to reduce utilization of pure oxygen) 

Plant wide installation of more than 25 power monitors to monitor and evaluate energy usage.  Energy 
efficient lighting (motion activated) throughout the plant was also installed. Conducted Building Energy 
Analysis (HVAC Systems) and benchmarking for 7 major occupied facilities on the project site in 2016.  
Subsequent actions to be taken are pending. Conducted Plant Wide Energy Master Plan Study in 2014.   

The purpose of the plan was to create a guidance document that could be used to inform decision 
making related to the plant’s electrical infrastructure, as well as decisions regarding sustainable 
electricity supply and energy savings initiatives.  The plan evaluated all existing systems and energy 
usage, and made recommendations for future improvements – both capital and O&M. Ongoing analysis 
of Process Air Compressors (Blowers) used for Secondary Treatment.  The emphasis of the study is to 
maximize blower efficiency and energy usage.  Study will be concluded in 2016. Joined the Department 
of Energy’s Superior Energy Performance and Better Plants programs to achieve ISO 50001 Energy 
Management Certification. This is a voluntary commitment of 25% reduction in energy over 10 years. 
We have one of the first sidestream deammonification operations in the country operating on our 
campus, and are currently commissioning the first mainstream deammonification operation in the 
country. Using deammonification reduces energy use by approximately 25%.  

Performance Measures & Results 

Energy efficiency analysis for all capital projects Custom decision model used by AlexRenew requires 
analysis and weighting for projected energy use for projects relative to existing baseline.  Higher 
points/scores are awarded to more energy efficient options.   

AlexRenew maintains a long-term goal of being a net zero energy user. Overall reduction in plant energy 
usage (Electric and Gas combined reported in M-BTU)  Baseline CY 2008 = 236,889 M-BTU  Present CY 
2015 = 195,721 M-BTU Overall reduction =  41,168 M-BTU or 17.3 % reduction (data was normalized by 
yearly flow based on VEEP DEQ reporting metrics) Implementation of energy efficient Deammonification 
systems Implementation of sidestream and mainstream Deammonification processes in 2015 and 2016,