respectively, will reduce aeration needed for treatment by approximately 2,500 MWh/yr.  Energy 
savings, once all systems are optimized, is projected at $157,500 annually based on 6.3 cents per KWH.  

Methane Gas Production and Use Use of absorption chiller and dual feed boiler systems onsite to utilize 
methane gas produced by digestion processes. In 2015, produced 157 million cubic feet of methane gas 
and used 92% of it to operate plant facilities, offsetting external energy needs. 




Board/executive management reuse strategy established 


Communications and outreach plan developed and implemented  


Ongoing market assessment of reused water to public/private and public/public entities 


Investments in reuse infrastructure   

Onsite reuse of plant effluent water to defray use of potable water and associated costs. Design and 
construction of Phase 1 of Reclaimed Water System for external users, with capacity of 2 million gallons 
per day (mgd).  Future buildout phases allow growth of system to 5 mgd.   Ongoing review and 
coordination with potential partners for reclaimed water usage, including neighboring Carlyle Plaza 
Partners development and other planned developments in East Eisenhower Corridor. Planned extension 
of Reclaimed Water Line to Eisenhower Circle in progress (permitting phase).  

Performance Measures & Results   

Onsite Water Reuse AlexRenew utilizes more than 1.4 billion gallons per year of plant effluent water 
onsite for various plant processes, in lieu of potable water. Reclaimed Water Usage A new reclaimed 
water system has been designed in phases, with the first phase complete (2 mgd capacity).  Ultimate 
buildout will push capacity to 5 mgd.  

 In addition to development of adjacent residential/commercial users, a bulk fill station has also been 
provided onsite. Planned 2016 Reclaimed Water Demands AlexRenew’s Environmental Center, 
scheduled to be completed in Summer 2016, is projected to utilize a total of 105,000 gpd. Uses include 
irrigation, cooling tower supply, toilets, a large aquarium, a biofilter wall, and an exterior water fountain