Brown Bag Lunches are staff led and are opportunities for staff to present new research, topics of 
interest, reports from conferences, and project updates to assembled staff during the lunch hour. The 
Brown Bag Lunches also provide opportunities for staff to hone presentation skills and promote cross-
department appreciation for the projects various departments are undertaking. 

Coffee with Kevin (MMSD’s Executive Director, Kevin Shafer) is an informal gathering held on a bi-
monthly basis. At this time, Kevin updates staff regarding policies, programs, and opportunities with 
engagement and questions from the assembled staff. This is also a venue for the introduction of new 
employees and for employee recognition.  

Employee Connection is a representative body of employees elected bi-annually. The Employee 
Connection team provides: a medium through which recommendations and improvements pertaining to 
the quality of work-life and morale of MMSD employees may be presented to the Executive Director; a 
means through which activities to improve the quality of work-life and maintain high morale of all 
employees may be initiated and carried out; and a way to foster good relationships between MMSD and 
the local community by participating in food drives, fundraisers and other events. 

Educational Reimbursement Program encourages its employees to continually develop their 
professional skills, make decisions regarding career opportunities, and prepare for career advancement 
within the District. All regular full time and part time employees are eligible to participate regardless of 
length of service. 

MMSD’s established Wellness Program inspires employees to choose a healthy lifestyle both at home 
and at work to ultimately reduce the cost of healthcare insurance. By better managing chronic 
conditions and diseases and investing in the health and wellness of its workforce, the district will save 
money in the long-term. 

Performance Measures & Results 

Your Performance Measure(s) 

Your Results (quantitative or qualitative) 

Engagement of MMSD senior management 
in water-focused associations and 
collaborations to advance integrated water 
management both in the region and 

Data is collected for all outreach activities of District employees. 
In 2015, senior management delivered presentations, 
participated in panel discussions, or moderated events at over 28 
state, regional and national conferences or meetings including 
the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, WERF, NACWA, 
WEF, WI Wetlands Association, Great Lakes Mayors Innovation 
Project/Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, Natural 
Floodplain Function Alliance, and the American Society of 
Landscape Architects.  

Participation continues in regional efforts 
of the M7 and the Water Council to attract 
water-focused businesses to the region 

MMSD’s Executive Director serves on the board of directors for 
the Water Council; MMSD furthers the work of the M7 through 
funding support for its efforts 

Meet enrollment goals for workforce 
development programs: Business Capacity 
Development program, RISE program, and 
Apprenticeship Readiness Program 

Over 100 firms participated in the Business Capacity 
Development program in over 20 course offerings. An average of 
15 individuals participated in the RISE program annually. 
Participation in the Apprenticeship Readiness Program with 
WRTP/BIG STEP resulted in 253 job placements with 58 being 
new apprenticeships.