Partnerships in place with one or more community organizations, with specific name given to 
partnership and objectives for the partnership established (e.g., a formalized partnership among 
community transportation, parks, and land use organizations for the incorporation of green 
infrastructure to reduce flooding and overflows)  


Use of a Triple Bottom Line approach, including engagement with stakeholders, to analyze 
growth planning alternatives, considering financial, social, and environmental costs and benefits  


Participation in regular meetings with community stakeholders and offering of environmental 
education opportunities (e.g., river walks)  


Web presence established with social media engagement 

Performance Measures & Results   



Water Quality and Operations Committee- monthly, open forum held to discuss matters 
pertaining to the jointly owned and operated Salinas Valley Reclamation Project (SVRP), 
Castroville Seawater Intrusion Project (CSIP), and Salinas River Diversion Facility (SRDF): Monthly 
open forum meetings with continuous attendance by key program stakeholders  



Triple Bottom Line analysis of Pure Water Monterey Groundwater Replenishment Project (2014) 
A physical report reviewing the project using the Triple Bottom Line approach  



Participation in various groups to address regional issues (e.g. stormwater, groundwater 
management): Participation in regional programs and increased collaboration  



Official Agency Twitter and Facebook established with weekly activity centered on Agency news, 
projects, and community events: A growing number of ‘followers’ and ‘likes,’ a social media 
policy developed and pending Board approval, a new line of communication established 
between the Agency and its constituents. 




Unified vision statement established that integrates water supply, water conservation, water 
recycling, runoff management, wastewater facilities planning, and infrastructure planning using 
a regional watershed approach.   


Green infrastructure deployment to enhance infiltration, evapotranspiration, treatment, or 
capture and reuse of stormwater  


Climate impact resilience principles incorporated into planning for new, repair, and replacement 
of infrastructure.  

Collaborating with multiple partners for a regional water supply project that enhances water recycling, 
infrastructure maximization and improved regional collaboration.  

Working with partner agencies to provide green energy (solar and biogas) for pump station and 
treatment plant operation and reducing overall carbon footprint.    

Pure Water Monterey will utilize diversion structures to remove pollutant-laden water from sensitive 
aquatic habitats and deliver it to the Advanced Water Treatment Facility, where it will be purified and 
used for groundwater recharge.