in the State of Rhode Island.  The NBC has completed the design and is in the process of building a 
combined heat and power facility at our Bucklin Point facility which will be fueled with biogas captured 
by the anaerobic digestion of sludge. The NBC is also currently in negotiations to purchase three 
additional 1.5MW wind turbines and to develop and install two 5-MW arrays of solar panels.   

Throughout recent decades, the NBC emerged as a leader in the wastewater industry and in watershed 
stewardship, however we soon realized that we were much more, we evolved into a more sophisticated 
entity, a Utility of the Future.   




Proactive leadership that engages in both internal organizational and broader external 
community priorities  


Establishes a participatory, collaborative organization dedicated to continual learning, 
improvement, and innovation   


Workforce and leadership development program in place to assure recruitment, retention, and 
competency of utility staff relative to a Utility of the Future business model. Development 
program includes a leadership and management skills training program that provides both 
formal and informal leadership opportunities for employees  


Employee “in-reach” program established to share work experiences and ensure greater 
understanding of the utility’s key strategy relative to the Utility of the Future business model 


Innovation initiatives adopted that encourage risk-taking, and that are adequately funded and 

NBC has a well-established financial sustainability program with long-range financial planning, 
consistently indicating a strong financial performance while ensuring that financial reports and budget 
presentations remain award-winning and reflect long-term financial stability. The budget process is 
based on achieving Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives and is performance based.  

NBC fosters a positive and engaging work environment to assure high recruitment and retention of 

NBC creates a culture for protecting employees by using safe and environmentally sound management 
practices, while providing a healthy and safe working environment.   

NBC promotes an awareness and commitment to employee workplace safety and ensures 100% 
compliance with all State and Federal health and safety regulations.  

NBC established a pay-for-performance evaluation process which establishes lofty goals, maintains 
periodic tracking of progress toward meeting goals and milestones and provides attention to employee 
morale including opportunities to celebrate victories for the utility.   

NBC has an integrated and well-coordinated senior leadership team which has implemented a tuition 
reimbursement program, flexible workplace schedules and a succession planning effort to ensure that as 
senior directors, managers and supervisors retire that younger employees are fully prepared for