Performance Measures & Results 





Indication of management commitment (e.g., standard operating procedures; board/executive 
management renewable energy conversion policy, including quantitative goals developed and 
shared with stakeholders)   


Internal energy sources evaluated (e.g., biogas, hydropower, heat in wastewater), and/or 
renewable energy sources evaluated on an ongoing basis (e.g., solar, wind, co-digestion)  


Recovery of digester gas in a combined heat and power (CHP) system, and boilers in place (for 
process and building heating)   


Conversion of digester biogas to electricity and heat, and/or transportation fuel Yes   


Solar panels, wind turbines, heat recovery, in conduit hydro, and/or hydroelectric power 
generation systems installed  

NBC established a goal to achieve net-zero energy by implementing renewable energy projects to 
provide all energy by 2020.    

Establishment of co-generation systems to produce renewable energy to lessen the burden on the local 
grid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.   

Enjoy community benefits from installed green infrastructure.