Partnership with the Brown County Public Library.  Through this partnership, NEW Water has held, what 
the library manager tells us, is the most popular exhibit they remember having – a World Toilet Day 
exhibit.  A toilet on wheels, features an informational board about global sanitation issues, and the 
importance of caring for our local sanitation system, with an informative “what not to flush” graphic.  
The see-through tank reveals a scuba-diving cow that pops up when the device is flushed, making it a 
draw for families and entertaining to boot, helping convey the messaging in a fun context, which will 
increase the likelihood of its effectiveness. 

NEW Water is a member of the Brown County Lean initiative.  Through this collaboration, NEW Water 
has learned best practices from area members.  NEW Water has implemented 30 completed Lean 
Projects since membership began, with a savings of some $100,000 to the organization. 


Performance Measures & Results