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Educational Programming Office: DEP’s Education Office provides pre-K through college graduate level 
students, educators, and other stakeholders a wide range of free programs and resources about New 
York City’s water supply and wastewater treatment systems, stormwater management, green 
infrastructure, citywide sustainability initiatives, sound and noise quality, and other topics. DEP staff 
have created online education modules, materials and models for museum exhibitions, watershed tours, 
and professional development training to offer detailed exposure to our water and wastewater systems 
to audiences of all ages and experience levels.  

Water on the Go: Since 2010, DEP has partnered with community groups, arts and cultural 
organizations, and other City agencies, to bring portable outdoor drinking water stations to all five 
boroughs throughout the summer. These fountains are situated at high traffic locations, city parks and 
plazas, farmers markets, and special events, and effectively reduce the demand for bottled water and 
sugary soft drinks by providing plentiful drinking water for residents and visitors. As part of the initiative, 
DEP has collaborated with the Mayor’s Office on a “B.Y.O.” campaign dedicated to promoting reusable 
mugs, bottles, and bags and reducing landfilled waste.  

Green Jobs:  In 2015, NYC developed a “green jobs” program that will create 260 positions focused on 
designing and maintaining green infrastructure across the City.  

Green Infrastructure Grants: Since 2011, DEP has offered a grant program to property owners who 
propose green infrastructure projects to manage one inch of stormwater runoff across combined sewer 
areas of New York City. Eligible projects include blue and green roofs, rain gardens, porous pavement, 
and rainwater harvesting.  

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