Water Demand Management: DEP’s Water Demand Management Program is a multifaceted effort to 
reduce water waste and corresponding energy use at our wastewater treatment plants by funding 
fixture retrofits and sponsoring water conservation challenges in concert with our municipal partners, 
residents, and private businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. In 2016, DEP launched a 
new water conservation challenge with three of New York City’s hospitals, who will work to reduce their 
monthly consumption by 5 percent, and will incorporate lessons learned from the challenge into a best 
practices guide for water management in all area hospitals.  

DCAS Collaborations: DEP works closely with the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services on 
a number of programs to identify and fund energy conservation projects at DEP’s facilities and to track 
their efficacy over time.  

Energy Research: DEP continues to research new technologies applicable to water and wastewater 
operations. We have previously taken part in several Water Research Foundation studies (Water and 
Wastewater Utility Energy Research Roadmap; Water Electric Utility Integrated Planning; and Regulatory 
Barriers for DER Integration for Water and Wastewater Utilities) and are currently conducting an energy-
water nexus study. We have also partnered with local universities and colleges on studies related to the 
biological, chemical, and mechanical processes at our facilities.  

Sustainable Infrastructure Construction: In 2015, DEP’s 26th Ward Wastewater Treatment Plant became 
the first wastewater treatment plant in the United States to receive an Institute for Sustainable 
Infrastructure rating award for an $150M upgrade that included recycled and reusable materials, as well 
as new energy efficient main sewage pumps, process air blowers, and LED lighting, and a green roof.  

Performance Measures & Results