are a key piece of the puzzle to ensure OCSD’s direction is understood, embraced, and followed on an 
ongoing basis, however it does not stop there.  

The organizational employee communications program includes various methods to connect with our 
employees: daily through our intranet; weekly through “3 Things to Know,” an email blast delivered 
every Monday; monthly through the “Digester,” an internal bulletin posted in the restroom stalls; and 
bi-monthly though the “Pipeline,” a printed newsletter distributed to staff via intra-office mail. These 
tools provide the opportunity to communicate with the organization as a whole about the long-term 
vision, current organizational goals and objectives, and issues that the agency is faced with.  

We will continue to ensure appropriate investment in our workforce, resources, and infrastructure.  This 
will result in increased efficiency and increased value to the community; and will ensure that we 
maintain a credible and influential voice with policy makers, regulators, and legislators. 




Proactive leadership that engages in both internal organizational and broader external 
community priorities  


Establishes a participatory, collaborative organization dedicated to continual learning, 
improvement, and innovation   


Workforce and leadership development program in place to assure recruitment, retention, and 
competency of utility staff relative to a Utility of the Future business model. Development 
program includes a leadership and management skills training program that provides both 
formal and informal leadership opportunities for employees  


Employee “in-reach” program established to share work experiences and ensure greater 
understanding of the utility’s key strategy relative to the Utility of the Future business model 


Innovation initiatives adopted that encourage risk-taking, and that are adequately funded and 

OCSD has partnered with Orange County Water District on the Groundwater Replenishment System to 
construct and operate the world’s largest water purification system for indirect potable reuse that 
serves 850,000 people in Orange County.  

Since 1999, OCSD has partnered with several coastal cities and the County of Orange to install dry 
weather urban runoff diversions to accept, treat and properly dispose and/or recycled over 6 billion 
gallons dry weather urban runoff to reduce bacterial impacts on Orange County’s beaches. 

OCSD has a Project Clearinghouse that provides an opportunity for staff to weigh in on new processes, 
innovations and designs before construction starts.  

OCSD has an “Incentives for District Employee Achievements” (IDEA) Program that reviews staff 
submissions of ideas that offer solutions and fixes for inefficiencies, resulting in a cost savings to the 

Safety is a top priority and part of the organizational culture at OCSD. We have a dedicated Safety 
Awareness Program that ensures that working safely is on everyone’s radar with safety tip reminders