Continued effort to expand GWRS infrastructure capacity. 5-Year Strategic Plan (implemented 2013) 
included the goal of 100% water reuse (currently more than 50% of all Plant wastewater is recycled). 
WaterSMART grant secured for final expansion implementation activities. 

Flow between OCSD’s two facilities has been diverted to increase the flow at Plant 1.  This resulted in an 
increased amount of secondary effluent available for processing by GWRS, increasing that system’s 
capacity from 70 mgd to 100 mgd. 

Co-Sponsor on California AB 2022 – Advanced purified demonstration water. This bill will allow for the 
bottling of 8oz bottles of reclaimed water to be used for educational and demonstrative purposes. 


Performance Measures & Results  



Reroute flow from Huntington Beach Plant (ocean discharger) to Fountain Valley Plant 
(reclamation): Since 2014, flow has been rerouted from Huntington Beach Plant that would have 
been sent out into the ocean to the Fountain Valley Plant resulting in 25 mgd in wastewater 
processed for reclamation purposes. 



Beneficial Water Reuse:  


55 mgd is used for wet well injection; 


35 mgd is used for the saltwater intrusion barrier; and  


1 mgd is used for Green Acres Project (GAP) water.