NARRATIVE: It is a pleasure to submit Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department 
(RWRD) for consideration in the Utility of the Future Today Recognition Program.   RWRD is the second 
largest wastewater utility in Arizona and has undergone a transformational change over the past 
decade.  Not only is our utility firmly committed to the principles embodied in the Utility of the Future 
concept, I firmly believe that we have created a culture of change throughout our organization, 
community and state. 

Compelled by our commitment towards environmental stewardship and community obligations, RWRD 
chose to establish southern Arizona as a global leader in environmental technology, research innovation, 
and an industry leader with a constant emphasis on water quality.  Beginning with the upgrade of our 
two largest treatment facilities in the midst of one of the largest recessions in decades, RWRD managed 
to deliver the largest capital improvement project in Pima County history on time and $115 M under 
budget using alternative funding and project delivery methods. 

Our greatest achievement however, continues to be in the building of broader relationships and 
collaborations within the community and throughout the water sectors through the creation of the 
Southwest Water Campus.  The Water Campus houses our state-of-the-art regulatory compliance 
laboratory, dedicated employee development and training labs, industrial pretreatment program, 
permitting and compliance functions, data management, and research and development laboratories 
dedicated to water quality innovation.  This multi-functional facility has become the central hub of our 
organization and is visited daily by personnel throughout our organization, other departments, 
universities and the community with water technology webcasts routinely broadcast from our often 
packed conference rooms. 

The Water Campus has become our greatest strength in harnessing regional expertise and 
collaborations to create value within our organization, community and the greater water sector.  The 
Water Campus concept is based on committed strategic partnerships among key organizations from 
seven area sectors: water utilities, universities, large corporations, emerging companies, federal, state 
and local governments.  The Water Campus provides a geographic concentration of interconnected 
firms organized to promote technological innovation and our members recognize the importance of 
harnessing regional expertise of public utilities, research and business partners to encourage economic 
development while focusing on the protection of human health and the environment.  This community 
partnering and engagement is crucial for economic development and is a profound change from the 
traditional role in which our utility‚Äôs primary responsibility was one solely focused on environmental and 
public health stewards.