energy. Examples of those efficiencies can be found at the co-generation plant and solar arrays at Back 

In order to get the lowest price for energy and to capture fuel opportunities for the City, OSE 
participates in collaborative purchasing, fuel supply contracts, and audits of City utility bills. Baltimore 
City government participates in the utility demand response program. When the City cuts back its draw 
from the electric grid during the hottest days of the year, we earn credits. This OSE initiative is saving 
the City money on our utility bills.  

The work we are doing at Public Works has garnered regional and national attention. Among recent 
recognitions are the following:  

• June: DPW’s Nathaniel Krause awarded 2016 Young Engineer of the Year from the Maryland Section of 
the American Society of Civil Engineers  

• April: Utility Manager of the Year (Large Utility), Rudolph S. Chow, P.E., DPW Director, by the 
Chesapeake Utility Corporation.  

• February: Top 10 Friendliest Cities for Electric Vehicles in the United States by The Smart Grid 
Consumer Collaborative.  

• February:  Baltimore received three major regional engineering awards from the American Council of 
Engineering Companies (ACEC), Maryland Chapter for “Innovative Excellence in Engineering Design” for 
the following projects: the Rehabilitation of the Southwest Diversion Pressure/Gravity Sewer, Phase III, 
the Towson Finished Water Reservoir, and the Montebello Plant 2 Finished Water Reservoir.   

• January:  Baltimore was ranked number 3 in plug-in electric vehicle readiness in U.S. cities as a result 
of a study by the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs.  The study was published 
in Electricity Journal in 2016.   

In addition, this spring Baltimore once again won regional recognition for the best water in its region. 
Baltimore water customers already know the high quality of our water. But behind the tap are workers, 
innovations, capital projects and a vision to ensure that future generations will have that same water 
quality and reliability. We are an agency with a proud past, a progressive present, and a promising 




Proactive leadership that engages in both internal organizational and broader external 
community priorities  


Establishes a participatory, collaborative organization dedicated to continual learning, 
improvement, and innovation   


Workforce and leadership development program in place to assure recruitment, retention, and 
competency of utility staff relative to a Utility of the Future business model. Development 
program includes a leadership and management skills training program that provides both 
formal and informal leadership opportunities for employees