and develops job-specific training to respond quickly to changes in the workforce to hire, retain, and 
assign competent, qualified staff. 

 Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators (WTPO) training certificate program: Specific class series 
established to create a professional operator that has a range of skill sets and knowledge.  Operational 
Training Guides were developed to standardize essential information and procedures and provide 
continual training for operators to maintain the highest level of performance possible.  

Staff Rotation Program: Builds an optimally skilled work force through cross-training and broad work 
experience that supports employee development and aids staff retention. Orients new employees, 
provides additional job training, and enhances career development as well as staff communication and 

Intra- and inter-departmental team-building encouraged and budgeted: Aims to communicate staff 
appreciation and team-building. Happy employees that feel appreciated are long-term, productive, and 
creative problem-solving employees.   

Business Case Evaluations/Project Authorization Committee: Fully implemented asset management 
program that requires projects and programs costing more than $10,000 to undergo in depth asset 
management, cost, and impacts-analysis before approval and implementation.  

Financial sustainability: Asset management, long-term financial planning, yearly review of financial plan, 
Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, audits, early pay-off of loans/bonds, etc.  

Investigating innovative energy, waste management, and resource recovery technologies such as 
advanced anaerobic digestion, organics recovery from solid waste for increased biogas, use of wind 
turbines, algae biofuel, and fuel cells as alternative energy options for the wastewater treatment plant.  

Safety Program Office: Dedicated to maintaining a safe and healthful work environment through the 
implementation of sound safety and health practices.  

Performance Measures & Results 



Going Green program start-up: Six bulletin boards with suggestion boxes being installed. 
Speaker events scheduled for summer 2016. Intranet site under construction.   



Staff Rotation Program:  First five staff members currently in staff rotation program, and two 
follow-up meetings held to monitor success of program.   



WTPO Training program Hired and trained:  48 operators since course inception in 2005 using 
Operational Training Guides and plant’s current curriculum; 16 of 48 have taken additional 
coursework to promote to Senior WTPO or WTPO Supervisor.   



Leadership Academy:  127 staff participants; coursework for six competencies; 18 competency 
introduction courses; three application courses.   



Safety Program:  All employees required to attend monthly safety education meetings. Robust 
injury-prevention program. All injuries investigated and addressed. Injury and near miss metrics 
in place.  



Whole-person Development Program:  Since 2014 12 participants/year participated in 13 
workshops and 24 discussion groups; 84 participants in brown-bag events; 45 managers 
participated in presentation at recent quarterly briefing. Concepts/techniques also presented by