Performance Measures & Results 





Board/executive management reuse strategy established 


Communications and outreach plan developed and implemented  


Ongoing market assessment of reused water to public/private and public/public entities 


Investments in reuse infrastructure   


Building code changes to enable reuse (e.g., reuse water code)  

Regional San Water Asset Management Vision: Regional San will manage its water assets to sustain 
regional water supplies, benefit current and future ratepayers of the region, and safeguard and enhance 
the environment. In 2004 Regional San established goal to recycle up to 40 MGD in Sacramento Region 
over next 20 years.  

Began recycling water onsite in 2003 utilizing 3.5 MGD water recycling facility in partnership with 
Sacramento County Water Agency (SCWA).  

Recycled water used to irrigate parks, landscape medians, and school fields in Elk Grove. Water 
Recycling Opportunities Study completed in 2007. 

Published Water Recycling 10-Year Update Report in 2014.  

Currently upgrading treatment plant to full Title 22 equivalent effluent treatment mandated in NPDES 
permit. When “EchoWater Project” is completed in 2023, 181 MGD will be potentially available for 
recycling opportunities.  

Currently building transmission pipeline to provide 1,000 acre-feet/year (AFY) recycled water (RW) for 
cooling purposes to cogeneration facility in South Sacramento in partnership with Sacramento Power 
Authority and City of Sacramento. Being built to configure service to future nearby RW users utilizing up 
to 1,700 AFY.  

Currently planning for City of Elk Grove Phase II Expanded Irrigation project to provide up to 2,600 AFY 
RW to additional Elk Grove subdivisions.