The SFPUC believes that project managers and communication staff are in the unique position of 
interfacing with our customers and the community in a variety of important ways. As the SFPUC makes 
critical investments in our infrastructure through our Sewer System Improvement Program, we 
developed Equitable Engagement Guidelines, which are designed to ensure meaningful engagement 
that is reflective of our diverse communities, through planning, design and construction of proposed 
Sewer System Improvement Program projects.  

The goals of these guidelines are to: •     Help standardize the way we do business (yet allow for 
flexibility to adapt) to ensure delivery, implementation, and course correction for successful and 
equitable public engagement •     Identify and document best practices for meaningful public 
engagement outreach and communications strategies •     Achieve diverse and meaningful stakeholder 
engagement of the representative San Francisco demographic Inform, Consult, Involve, and Collaborate: 
Southeast Community Outreach and Engagement Process   

SFPUC has utilized multiple engagement strategies in the community most impacted by the agency’s 
sewer services, Bayview Hunters Point.  To mitigate the adverse environmental and social impacts of the 
expansion of the Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant during the 1970s and 1980s, the Southeast 
Community Facility (SECF) and Greenhouses (GH) were constructed as part of an agreement between 
the City and County of San Francisco and residents of Bayview Hunters Point. The Southeast Community 
Outreach and Engagement Process invites the community to inform the future of the Southeast 
Community Facility and Greenhouses to ensure that the facilities and the programming housed inside 
are making an even greater impact in addressing the employment and educational needs of the 
community. Our outreach includes:  

Grassroots Outreach 

We will be doing door-to-door knocking, tabling at community events, organizing our own community 
events to share information, and presenting at key community meetings.    

Community Partnerships  

We provided mini-grants to over 16 Bayview groups in the Bayview including seniors, health 
organizations, youth, and faith-based organizations, such as Bayview YMCA, Community Youth Center, 
Rafiki Wellness, and Young Community Developers, to conduct focus groups and to host an interactive 
Youth Summit.  

A Community Team of diverse leaders   

Our team includes members of the Southeast Community Facility Commission, Southeast Working 
Group, Tenants of the SECF, members of the SFPUC’s Citizen Advisory Committee and other community 
stakeholders to provide overall guidance for the Southeast Outreach and Engagement Process. 
Collaborate: Engagement of the SFPUC Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC)  

The CAC has been an effective and engaged body that is truly representative of the agency’s various 
stakeholders that can provide feedback and recommendations on the agencies long-term infrastructure, 
financial and strategic planning. The agency relies on the CAC to deliberate on priorities of the agency in 
a timely manner as well as to raise topics of concern and interest to low-income ratepayers, renters, 
small businesses, families, immigrants and other communities most impacted by the agency’s services.