NARRATIVE: Santa Rosa Water is a dynamic and innovative team of professionals, working 24 hours a 
day, 7 days a week to sustainably provide safe and reliable water supply, wastewater collection, water 
recycling and reuse, and storm water management for our community.  

Our mission is to protect public health by sustaining water resources, infrastructure, and the 
environment. As our mission indicates, we are committed to achieving social, environmental, and fiscal 
objectives in a sustainable and balanced manner so that one goal is not benefitted while other(s) are 

Santa Rosa Water accomplishes this by operating a water distribution and sewer collection system for 
the Santa Rosa community. This includes 54,000 residential and business accounts.  Santa Rosa Water 
also has a robust environmental education program, which includes water-use efficiency, pollution 
prevention, drinking water quality, and creek stewardship.   

In addition, Santa Rosa Water operates a Regional Water Reuse System which serves approximately 
230,000 residents in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Sebastopol, and unincorporated portions of 
Sonoma County. The hub of the Regional Water Reuse System is the Laguna Treatment Plant, which 
recycles wastewater from homes and businesses throughout the region.  

The Laguna Treatment Plant recycles approximately 7 billion gallons of wastewater each year. During 
dry to normal water years, nearly 100% of the tertiary treated recycled water is beneficially reused.  
Santa Rosa’s advanced treated recycled water is produced in compliance with all applicable federal, 
state and local regulations, safeguarding public health and protecting the Laguna de Santa Rosa 

The recycled water produced at the Laguna Treatment Plant is a valuable resource for urban and 
agricultural irrigation, as well as recharging geothermal steamfields to produce clean energy. Recycled 
water is delivered to customers via Santa Rosa’s Recycled Water Distribution System which includes a 
41-mile long pipeline to recharge Calpine’s geothermal Geysers Steamfields to produce energy for the 

Santa Rosa Water’s Biosolids Distribution System reuses nearly 26 thousand tons of biosolids annually. 
Santa Rosa Water’s biosolids are beneficially reused through land application to increase crop yields and 
composted for use in landscapes and gardens to enhance soil with nutrients, such as nitrogen and