Santa Rosa Water actively collaborates with the community, local organizations, and interested parties 
to enhance the overall environmental, economic, and social well-being of the community. Santa Rosa 
Water works with our community to gain awareness, engagement, and to create opportunities for 
involvement. Santa Rosa Water offers a variety of green programs, trainings, and rebates along with 
knowledgeable and helpful staff. Our outreach efforts include, public meetings, workshops and classes, 
public information booths, newsletters, radio, events, website, and social media.  

Outreach conducted with other stakeholders and other community groups (e.g., regulators, local 
officials, watershed groups).  

Actively promotes community awareness of the value of water and wastewater and storm water 
collection and treatment’s role in the social, economic, public, and environmental health of the 

Involves stakeholders in the decisions that will affect them, understands what it takes to operate as a 
“good neighbor,” and positions the utility as a critical asset to the community.  


Performance Measures & Results