Indication of management commitment (e.g., energy efficiency standard operating procedures; 
board/executive management energy efficiency policy, including quantitative goals developed 
and shared with stakeholders)  


Energy audit/benchmarking conducted to identify priorities for energy efficiency improvements  


‘Energy teams’ established and individuals empowered within the utility for energy efficiency 
activities (e.g., an “energy advocate” or “energy champion”)   


Energy management-related training provided to plant staff 


Utilization of energy conserving operational methods (e.g., optimization of primary 
sedimentation to reduce utilization of pure oxygen) 

Santa Rosa Water actively pursues energy efficiencies as a result of our long-standing commitment to 
energy management and sustainability.  Based on studies conducted by outside entities, Santa Rosa 
Water is at the top tier nationally in its energy performance and practices. Santa Rosa Water’s dedicated 
Energy & Sustainability Team is implementing a five-year strategic plan to help Santa Rosa move toward 
our goal of energy independence.  As part of the implementation of the Strategic Plan, we are 
developing an Energy Policy and preparing an Energy Optimization Plan for all of our operations (water 
production and delivery, sewer collection and treatment, and water recycling), which will result in 
implementation of a diverse group of projects that enhance energy efficiency, reduce energy demand, 
increase renewable energy generation, and improve energy management.