and promote biodiversity in the Laguna.  In addition to the Natural Resources program, Santa Rosa 
Water has a robust Storm water Management Plan and Creek Stewardship Program. The major tool for 
this is the Santa Rosa Citywide Creek Master Plan which provides guidelines for the care, management, 
restoration and enhancement of nearly ninety miles of creeks in Santa Rosa.  

Systems that add value to the urban landscape with resilient, adaptable, affordable and 
environmentally-sensitive water infrastructure that continues to provide basic services, but also 
enhanced recreational, aesthetic and environmental value  


Integrated program to address wet weather issues, including such sources as regulated 
stormwater, unregulated runoff (nonpoint sources), CSOs, SSOs, peak flow at POTWs, and 
source water protection  



Building code modifications that allow green infrastructure as acceptable options  



Integration of wastewater services with urban planning entities  



Financial methods that recognize the true cost of wastewater services and price it accordingly   



Participate in voluntary programs such as the Biosolids Management System  



Built environment that supplements the function of the natural environment  



Evaluation of water quality trading options  



Closed loop systems that enhance nutrient and energy recovery  


Outreach to adults and students in the areas of health of creeks and stewardship, sewage 
treatment and water use efficiency  

Performance Measures & Results