NARRATIVE: The City of Scottsdale Water Resources Division – Scottsdale Water – has been providing 
quality drinking water and advanced reclamation services to Scottsdale businesses and residents for 
over 40 years.   

In 2015, Scottsdale Water delivered an average of 67 million gallons of potable water a day to our 
customers through over 2,000 miles of water pipes and mains, 14 pressure zones and 10,000 fire 
hydrants. Scottsdale’s reclamation system has approximately 1,400 miles of sewer collection lines and 
over 40 lift stations.  

Scottsdale Water service area covers 185 square miles with over 89,000 active water accounts, about 90 
percent of which are residential accounts, and approximately 80,000 active sewer accounts. Scottsdale 
is a long, narrow city, stretching 32 miles from south to north with an elevation change of over 3,700 
feet. Located in the Sonoran Desert, Scottsdale, Ariz. has a very arid climate, averaging less than seven 
inches of rainfall annually.   

Scottsdale Water’s vision – Water Sustainability through Stewardship, Innovation and People – is more 
than a statement in a planning document; it is who we are as a utility and what we work to achieve 
every day. Scottsdale Water constantly communicates our vision to both our employees and our 
customers and is committed to ensuring our product, our services and our culture exemplify this ideal.  

The Scottsdale Water leadership team from the executive director through the line supervisors is 
encouraged and directed to be engaged with the workforce to identify areas to improve efficiency and 
effectiveness. Leadership engagement is accomplished through leadership development programs, an 
active suggestion box program, all-hands meetings, a lead operator forum, extensive training 
opportunities and day-to-day leadership.   

Scottsdale Water demonstrates our commitment to the Utility of the Future model through our robust 
Effective Utility Management continual improvement program. The utility has adopted EUM as a 
defining cultural characteristic and identifies at least three EUM attributes for formal organizational 
improvement annually.   

After identifying the three attributes for improvement, the Scottsdale Water management team creates 
and implements action plans to develop programs and initiatives to improve the organization. They then 
meet bimonthly to assess progress on these projects. The chosen attributes and related initiatives and 
programs developed for FY 2015/16 are as follows:  

EUM attribute: Operational Resiliency  


Identify specific work areas for the potential of improving bench strength  


Launch a Scottsdale Water employee safety campaign 


Update Information Access System with current as-builts for each facility 


Evaluate the centralization approach of specific work groups, including maintenance and 

EUM attribute: Stakeholder Understanding and Support/Customer Satisfaction  


Create a Scottsdale Water Citizen Academy  


Upgrade Water Campus grounds appearance