Participates in the Arizona Public Service (electrical utility provider) voluntary, direct load control 
demand response program, Peak Solutions, designed to encourage customers to minimize electrical 
demand during peak load times.   

Annually reviews the electrical cost matrix to identify opportunities to reduce energy demand and 
ensure all systems and facilities are operating under the appropriate electrical rate plan and program.   

Installing variable frequency drives at booster pump stations to allow staff to adjust pump speed 
increasing flexibility of energy demand. Scottsdale Water is in the process of designing or re-
constructing nine water booster stations. Most of these facilities will be equipped with VFDs to improve 
pump operation and reduce potential demand charges. For Reclamation, Scottsdale Water is in the 
design phase of a full VFD replacement and upgrade cycle for our five major Pumpback lift stations  

Manages an operations optimization program that uses Lean principles to bring all utility operations 
together under one holistic system of operation and maps out organizational and business processes to 
eliminate redundancy and highlight areas to streamline.   

Participates in the pump efficiency program offered under APS’ Solutions for Business program. 
Scottsdale Water periodically engages APS’ contractor to perform pump efficiency tests on large pumps 
suspected of running inefficiently. Scottsdale Water has secured multiple rebates for adding VFD units to 
pumps to gain operational efficiencies.  

Performance Measures and Results