Board/executive management reuse strategy established 


Communications and outreach plan developed and implemented  


Ongoing market assessment of reused water to public/private and public/public entities 


Investments in reuse infrastructure   


Building code changes to enable reuse (e.g., reuse water code)  

Operates an industry-leading Indirect Potable Reuse facilities, the Advanced Water Treatment (AWT) 
facility, which utilizes ozonation, microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet photolysys prior to 
recharging the ultra-pure water into the aquifer. In 2015, Scottsdale Water recharged over 1.5 billion 
gallons of ultra-pure recycled water into the aquifer.   

Manages the Reclaimed Water Distribution System (RWDS), a unique public-private partnership under 
which the city provides a blend of raw surface water, tertiary effluent and RO permeate, ultra-pure 
recycled water to 23 golf courses in north Scottsdale for turf irrigation. The RWDS consists of a 14-mile 
delivery system including pipes, pump stations and other facilities and has the capacity to deliver up to