communication, collaboration, etc.  Cash awards and recognition are offered for suggestions that are 
implemented within the utility. 

Employee roundtables: Collaborative discussions between executive staff and front-line employees to 
solicit feedback and ideas. 

Leadership Spartanburg: Founded in 1979 by the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce, this is a 
nine-month course designed to better prepare leaders and volunteers for community service through 
exploration of issues, challenges and opportunities facing Spartanburg County now and in the future. 
Each year we sponsor two employees to the Leadership Spartanburg program.   

Personnel Planning System:  Employees utilize various tools that help identify strengths and skills as they 
pertain to particular positions, as well as identify areas where development is needed.  This process 
does not guarantee placement in any position, but is designed to assist employees in identifying career 
opportunities and developing needed skill sets to support eligibility for them.  The employee is 
responsible for pursuing the developmental opportunities that are identified through this process so 
that if a particular vacancy occurs, he or she can be a viable candidate.   

Career Interest Discussions: This tool provides the employee the opportunity to let the company know 
of and to explore his/her career interests and to start the process of identifying the possible 
developmental steps or actions that may be appropriate to advance those interests.  Those who elect to 
participate must do an honest self-appraisal, research possible future opportunities, and have an open, 
frank discussion with the supervisor, who acts as a counselor and advisor in this process.  While it is to 
the employee's and the Company's mutual interest to enhance the career opportunities of each 
individual, the major responsibility for career development rests with the employee.  

Talent Pool: We use a Talent Management System that accepts on-line applications/resumes which are 
maintained in a searchable database. Candidates can be identified as talent pool candidates during the 
review process, even if not identified as candidates for the position for which they applied, allowing 
Spartanburg Water to pre-identify candidates with the needed education, skills, or experience for future 
job openings. 

Interdepartmental Teams:  Projects of all sizes are facilitated by assembling teams consisting of 
employees from various departments who have experience, knowledge and/or skills that can benefit 
successful implementation.  This approach has been utilized in such diverse areas as facilities 
construction, operations troubleshooting, communications strategies, development of EH&S and 
Emergency Response protocols, strategic planning, watershed protection, and community engagement.  

Embrace and Encourage Employee Innovation:  Employees are encouraged to take an interest in 
seminars, webinars, industry research and publications and to bring forth ideas that benefit the utility in 
any way.  This includes ideas for new or modified equipment or enhanced processes that improve safety 
and efficiency or simply make our jobs easier.  Some employee innovations are mentioned in the 
narrative section. 

Design-Build/Alternate Delivery approach to projects: Spartanburg Water strategically utilizes alternate 
delivery methods such as Design-Build and Progressive Design-Build.  These methods allow Spartanburg 
Water to offer the best value possible on projects compared to traditional methods of construction