Hydropower Generation:  Originally installed in 1926, a two-unit, 1.0 MW hydroelectric plant continues 
in operation at the main drinking water plant.  These generators were fully refurbished as part of an 
extensive plant upgrade in 2014, giving them an efficiency boost of up to 20%. 

Hydropower Exploration:  In June of 2010, the Spartanburg Water Commission approved a resolution 
authorizing management and staff to explore the feasibility of sustainable, renewable energy resources, 
including hydroelectric, solar, and biomass applications.  Since that time, Spartanburg Water has 
obtained from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Preliminary Permits, which gave 
Spartanburg Water the right to conduct studies and investigate the feasibility of further developing its 
hydropower capabilities.  Several candidate sites have been evaluated, however so far none have 
proven economically feasible. 

Solar Power:  At several facilities, we have installed solar panels generating up to 4 KW of supplemental 
power.  Smaller installations support such things as sensors and data repeaters, while the larger ones 
alleviate some of the power demand from buildings.  We did evaluate the possibility of a much larger 
scale (>1MW) solar installation, but the cost benefit balance was not sufficiently favorable to warrant 

Performance Measures & Results 



Hydropower Produced ($ Value) : Varies with available water, $ 0 – 30K monthly