guide how TRA staff conduct themselves in pursuit of the mission and vision of the organization. 
Together, values provide an ethical framework for decision making and action. TRA leaders identified 
the following as the core values of the Authority:  


Integrity in all Things  

Being forthright, honest and respectful in our interaction with each other, our customers and the 
public at all times, building and reinforcing confidence in our ability to consistently deliver high 
quality service and results.  


Service and Performance Excellence  

Applying progressive thinking, creativity, and adaptability to continually improve all areas of 
operations, resulting in a more agile and efficient organization.  


Accountability to the Public, Customers and to Each Other  

Taking personal responsibility for our actions and decisions, as well as their consequences, in order 
to engender trust between and among Authority leaders, staff, customers, and the business and 
residents of the basin.  



Each employee is a contributing member of the TRA team, contributing different skills and 
experiences to the unity and efficiency of the group in order to achieve common goals.  



Behaving responsively and proactively in our delivery of service to our customers, characterized by 
the quality and diligence with which it is carried out. 


Pride in ownership, comradery, longevity, teamwork, and ingenuity are a few of the terms that are used 
to describe the ways TRA employees are empowered to approach their work environment with verve 
and to take pride in what they achieve. 

TRA’s longest tenured employee of over 45 years is a laboratory analyst and takes pride in mentoring 
the young women who come to the lab. “I’m always telling them to stay with us, stick around. You’re 
not going to have any regrets,” she says. She is real-world example of the way the culture at TRA allows 
people to grow and realize their own goals in parallel step with the organization’s goals.  
TRA’s Water Environment Federation Operations Challenge teams, the CReWSers and the Waste 
Warriors, help staff realize their professional goals while building comradery and reinforcing teamwork. 
In a recent industry magazine, TRA team members stated the importance of management and an 
organizational culture that supports their participation. Also, competition knowledge advancements 
increase licensing, while building and reinforcing teamwork and discipline. The CReWSers won 19 state, 
11 invitational, and 5 national championships.  

Regarding innovative approaches from daily to extreme challenges, in 2013, one of TRA’s engineers 
became chairman of the Texas section of AWWA’s Diversity committee.  He organized a panel discussion 
featuring female management at TRA.  This was videoed and remains an excellent tool toward diversity 
discussion’s that meet the challenge of building a workforce for the future that effectively addresses 
increased participation by women in the industry.